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Trance and Tools

Feel better fast with these deep trance mediations and nervous system regulation tools. Help yourself calm anxiety, fear, and anything else you do not want to feel in less than 60 seconds.

Trance Meditation Recordings

Important – Read before listening to a trance!

  • You are in total control during the entire trance experience.

  • Please find a comfortable distraction free space, where you can sit or lie down undisturbed for the the entire experience.

  • It is CRITICAL that you are in a resourced state (i.e. feeling good) before doing this. Please, take some time to access a calm state in which you feel ok. You can use some tools for this on the ​Feel Better Fast Tools​ in the section below.

  • Do not listen to these while driving. It's dangerous. Seriously.


Also: It is totally ok to not see images in your mind. That’s the case for a lot of people. Some people just have a sense of a space, or hear something or simply have a feeling…any of it is ok. It could be really different each time you do this, too.


Anything that arises in trance is both your imagination and your unconscious mind’s offering. In this kind of deep state we’ve pushed aside the critical conscious mind, and you are accessing directly your unconscious faculties. The part of you that knows more and has a broader perspective. It doesn’t matter if what your unconscious offers you totally is nonsensical.

Deeper Understanding Trance
For Deeper Understanding

Use this trance you feel stuck in "I don't know" or want a deeper understanding of something in your life. 

Feel Better Fast Tools – AKA Nervous System Regulation

These are neuroscience-backed tools you can use anytime you are experiencing anxiety, fear, overwhelm, etc.

You will be able to feel better fast and get access to your calm critical thinking skills again.


More of these can be found on my ​Instagram profile​.​

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