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What would it feel like to unlock your full potential & creativity to create unbounded confidence and joy in your life and career?


Taking the big risks needed to make upgrades in your mindset and life with the complete confidence that comes from owning your power and voice

Completing the dream project that has been sitting on your heart (possibly for years) with the deep knowing that you are speaking your truth in it

This is all Possible!

If you've found your way to this page, chances are you're feeling a bit stuck, burnt-out, and/or a bit untethered about parts of your life or career that are changing...

Or you might be feeling like you know there’s more you can do and BE,  but something holds you back...


I get it. I've been there! 

Good news – I'm here to help you! 

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"Coaching has been really great – I would have gotten here eventually, but I don’t know when that would have been. My whole perspective has changed! I feel a lot more secure speaking up for my boundaries, in what I'm doing, the reasons I’m doing it, and I’m a lot more financially secure. Feeling this free is so empowering! It feels like there’s no limit to what I can do anymore. There are so many possibilities and I’ve been soaking in abundance!"

– Alison Hoffman, flutist & educator

Read her case study here

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As a coach of creative humans (like you!), I’m your external eyes and ears to the fullness of reality, shining a light on blindspots and helping you BE who you seek to be as a person, artist, business owner – or whatever you seek. 


I work with curious people who are deeply committed to discovering the fullness of their potential – people who are ready to create exceptional lives for themselves.


People who are eager to understand, appreciate and shed old, unhelpful stories about themselves in order to create a new one that is wholly and powerfully their own.


Ready to take the next step and find out if my coaching is right for you?


Schedule a free call below – we’ll just talk and see if this is right for you.

(And if it’s not or I’m not the right person to help you, I’ll let you know.)

Want to know more about the different ways I work?
Choose an option below:
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"I can’t begin to express my gratitude for Shanna’s coaching.

Because of our sessions I have not only learned about the importance of boundaries - but have realized how powerful the energy is that I gain by trusting in myself.

With this trust I have found my true purpose in my life - For the Love of Flute.

Thank you Shanna- and for anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of yourself, and to gain trust and clarity on your path - I can’t recommend Shanna’s coaching enough"
– Katy Wherry
Let's get to know each other...

Hi, I'm Shanna, and I'm a coach for creative humans deeply committed to accessing their full potential to experience more joy in their lives and careers...and more financial stability, too. I'm also an active international performing artist – a radically traditional flutist who thrives on fearless experimentation creating the music of our time. 


A couple years ago, I reached the dreaded moment of complete burnout. I was saying yes to too many things that did not align with my artistic goals and vision because I thought I should. I was doing all the things they say you should do to be a "successful" musician, and by many standards I was wildly successful in my niche of weird art music (aka contemporary music). 


And yet I'd hit the wall of "thou shalt go no further" and I took a much-needed sabbatical to think and reassess what I wanted from my career and life…


I did some internal digging and started working with a coach who helped me see how to integrate all the parts of who I am into what I do. She helped me see that I can just be me! That’s when the inspiration started flowing again and something big shifted. 


© Memoires En Or, Mouna Tahar

What I realized is…gulp...I just don’t care that much about the flute


(I know, right?! Shocker! But hear me out...)


What I care about is people

I care about …

  • seeing the light in people’s eyes when they discover new levels of understanding about themselves

  • helping the beauty of unapologetic self-trust and confidence shine forth in every aspect of someone's life and career

  • basking in the unbridled excitement a person exudes with full illumination of their unlimited potential

  • and sharing the light radiated from within when someone owns their power and courageously pursues their vision


When I look at my life and career, all of my work (as a teacher, from the stage, etc) is about illuminating the unlimited potential inside each of us and stepping into the wildly messy, infinite space of creativity to claim the power within ourselves. 


As long as I can remember, I felt like I needed to partition myself off into the musician identities (the flute player, the contemporary specialist, the flute teacher, etc) to the minimization of lots of other parts of me – because we’re taught that we have to have an extreme hyper-focus on one thing. But it’s not true!


Now I fully integrate who I am as a human, flutist, and coach into the service of one idea and vision – which is to illuminate a person’s unlimited potential so they might experience radiantly joyful, fulfilling lives and careers that reflect who they truly are.


I want to help you experience your radiant sparks of joy too. 


I work with clients 1:1 and in small group programs.

What’s right for you depends on your goals. 

Curious? Let’s talk – It’s my gift to you!

I certified as in Integrative Change Work by the following Organizations

Read about my Ethics & Standards

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Statement for Transparency...

I want to be very clear, there’s nothing wrong with you, there’s nothing to fix. You can do everything on your own. In my experience, however, going it alone will likely take longer, which is fine. My coaching is for committed individuals who want to expeditiously supercharge their personal (artistic, business, etc) development and life. It will not always be comfortable. It will require courage and vulnerability. And you won’t be alone. I’ll be there every step of the way with you holding a magical space for you to transform, alchemize and grow in whatever ways you need or want to do.


I find high-pressure fear-based marketing tactics repulsive. When we talk, we'll get to know each other with no strings attached. I will make that time as valuable to you as I can, and if you are interested in working with me, we'll talk about it. And if I'm not the right person to help you, I will give you suggestions of who could be. 

A note to my fellow artists...

The training we receive often lacks some major skills for navigating the world of today. The training can set up a strawman of expectations about what an acceptable career path looks like and/or how we should already be experts in everything we need to navigate our creative lives and careers despite never having experienced anything remotely similar to the reality of “professional” life while in school. 


But we have a different model – sports. No professional athlete ever goes without a coach...someone who can support the athlete in making their dreams happen. And as artists we are creativity athletes. 


I help you sculpt the life and career that is uniquely yours, incorporating all of who you are, rooted in deep self-trust that feels like harnessing the strength of an oak tree and wild nimbleness of a gazelle. 

note to artists
Client Story...

"Shanna was the first person I had talked to who didn't seem to think there was something wrong with me. I could feel that she really saw me and was giving me an authentic reflection without bypassing anything at all.


The first session we had was more helpful to me than sessions I've done spread out through a lot of other places. I could feel Shanna's nervous system was able to meet mine, and I never felt like my story (which I had only shared fragments of previously) was too much. 


I wasn't expecting such skillfulness and compassion. I thought I would have to be guarded and careful with what I said, and sort of covertly manage the session to not be too difficult. But I didn't have to do any of that. And when I felt resistance to things, it was simply ok.


I felt believed in and supported to believe in myself around my dreams to become a practitioner. That was such a tender need and I didn't think it was possible. And now, it doesn't seem impossibly out of reach, and I don't even feel like an imposter anymore.  


My identity and how I think about myself changed: Now I can see and feel that I am already doing it, and instead of getting caught up in everything that could be going better, I enjoy the process of continuing to grow.


I have actually been able to make more progress on the writing I kept deleting! Relationships in my life are feeling better. I feel like a flower that is starting to bloom – A butterfly just coming out :)


I would recommend Shanna to anyone needing attunement and in turmoil, and those who have trouble believing in themselves but want to."

– Amanda

Individual Coaching

My coaching clients are highly motivated individuals who have a deep well of curiosity for self-growth. Their accomplishments include creating successful self-sustaining businesses, stunning performances on stages around the world, co-creation of fulfilling relationships, thriving teaching studios...etc. They understand the level of focus and awareness needed to achieve their goals.

However, when they come to me, they often are at a transition point of some kind in their life or career, and what they are navigating internally or externally feels gooey, uncertain, and perhaps a bit sciting (scary + exciting). They can sense there is something more for them, something standing in the way of their most joyfully aligned life. They might feel boxed in somehow.

In our work together we identify their version of an astonishingly fulfilling and joyful life, and we co-create the path to this life. It's a journey of illuminating the possibilities and integrating many levels internally to create the external results they desire. It is not a simple fix, because there's nothing to fix. It's a question of becoming who you truly want to be in your life. It requires incredible levels of internal honesty and willingness to be uncomfortable.

Working with me 1:1 is a serious investment (in all senses of the word) and commitment to yourself. I take these investments very seriously and my work is extremely high-touch. Packages range in time from 3 months to a year and are customized to each individual.

If this sounds great to you or you're curious if it's right for you, I invite you to book a free consultation with me to talk – It's my gift to you. 

Individual Coaching

–Albane Tamagna

skl - quite pleased.png

I really appreciate how much you’ve helped me grow with our coaching sessions about reformatting my studio. Now after every lesson where I try something new out with a student, I leave with a new workshop idea, paired with the delight that I know that I can do anything with it because it’s my business! Teaching aside, I’ve also felt a renewed sense of creativity in what I can do as an artist!

–Shannon Lewis

Individual Flute Coaching
  • Are you a highly-motivated independent learner interested in diving deep into contemporary flute practices?

  • Want to break out of feeling boxed-in as an artist and claim your artistic power in the music you play?

  • Do you know you're capable of more as a flutist but you keep hittitng the same roadblocks in your playing? 

I work with flutists to help them accomplish all of the above and create joyfully fulfilling lives in the process. I believe the keys to feeling deep satisfaction and power in our artistry are connected to feeling this way in our lives in general. And because of that I work in a very different format. 

I do not teach the flute.

I coach flutists. 

In our work together we identify your vision for yourself and your artistry, one which reaches toward your fullest potential to embrace all of who you are as an artist and human. We co-create the path to this vision. It's a journey of illuminating the possibilities. It's a question of becoming who you truly want to be as a flutist. It requires surprising levels of internal honesty and willingness to be uncomfortable.  

Yes, I will help you with feedback for your flute playing and help guide you to achieving the technical, performance and repertoire goals you have. You will have full access to my brain and ideas for problem-solving whatever comes up for you. However, I will primarily guide you to using your own curiosity and awareness to find your own answers. 


Warning: I work holistically. Our work will (inevitably) be about more than flute. Often when we encounter roadblocks in our flute playing they are tied to limiting beliefs we've absorbed unintentionally throughout our lives and training. Clearing these unconscious patterns will help unlock more possibility in your playing and your life. 

Working with me 1:1 is a serious investment (in all senses of the word) and commitment to yourself. I take these investments very seriously and my work is extremely high-touch. Packages are customized to each individual. 

If this sounds great to you or you're curious if it's right for you, I invite you to book a free consultation with me. We'll just talk – It's my gift to you. 

Flute Coaching
Radiant Sparks
Radiant Sparks Mastermind.png

The Radiant Sparks Mastermind is a high-level, intimate group program for those who are looking to rapidly and holistically transform themselves or a project into a glowing reality.

Radiant Energy moves in waves transforming constantly as it travels

Sparks begin as tiny flashes of energy that can ignite a larger fire

The radiant energy and support inside this group will be fertile ground for the sparks of creativity and empowerment that will unlock your full, unbounded potential and confidence to create a center of joy in your life and work.

And you don't have to do it alone!

Whether it's internal work of clearing self-limiting beliefs, a performance or business project you want to develop/achieve, or a combination, you will receive the tools and support to do this work in a community high-level peers. 


It is limited to 10 participants and offers high-touch guidance to refine your ideas into actionable steps, strengthen your implementation strategies, and deepen your own inner growth, while also addressing necessary business and marketing skills.

For enrollment info for the next cohort, join my mailing list talk about how we can work together now...

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