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I am a Coach, Speaker, Educator, &
Radically Traditional Flutist…
I believe the most traditional path for an artist is to engage with the art of their own time. 

As a flutist, I create, perform, and fearlessly explore the growth edges of sonic possibilities for my instruments while integrating new and historically reimagined works with electronics, movement, and other multi-disciplinary elements to create seamless, immersive concert experiences that illuminate new understandings. 


I’m obsessed with sound and believe whole-heartedly in Sound Inclusivity – the idea that all sounds from all music and time periods are inherently beautiful and enrich our lives in a myriad of different ways. 

Through my work as an integrative coach, I use neuroscience, somatic practices, insatiable curiosity, and the fearlessness of a world-class performer to help people love & trust themselves fully and create wildly fulfilling lives & careers. To quote a client: I help you person better.


As the Artistic Director and Co-founder of FluteXpansions, I foster a community of sonic exploration at the frontier of contemporary flute performance and composition through a comprehensive e-learning platform and revolutionary mentoring courses.

What do you want to know more about?


New Release

World Premiere Recordings

Now available on NEOS

"A Remarkable Solo Debut Album"

-Thomas May, Memeteria

(Read the full review here.) 

CSM Disc

Upcoming Engagements

January - October 2023, ArtsMBA, coach

April 23, 2023 – NUNC! 5 Northwestern University New Music Conference

Call for electronics: Performance of "The Rope Dancer Accompanies Herself with Her Shadows" (Jay Alan Yim)

1-10 May, 2023  – FluteXpansions Unlimited Possibility Retreat

8-16 July, 2023 – FluteXpansions Sonic Immersion

3-6 August, 2023 – National Flute Association Convention

Performing world and US premieres, presenting improvisation workshops

18 February, 2024 – Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention, presenter

Workshop: Hacking Your Brain for Practice and Performance


14-16 March, 2024 – MOXSonic Festival

Workshop: Hacking Your Brain for Practice and Performance

Final Concert: Chimera's Garden by Lisa Renee Coons, Isaac Newton in a Spaceship by Blaise Ubaldini, Stutter Edit by Eric Honour

1-4 August, 2024 – National Flute Association Convention

Workshop: Hacking Your Brain for Practice and Performance

Workshop: Learn Extended Techniques with Matthias ZIegler and SHanna Pranaitis


7-9 January 2022 – Creativity Refresh! Challenge

4-6 February 2022 – FluteXpansions Creativity Intensive

3 day ​live virtual intensive for holistic exploration of your personal and artistic voice

20 February 2022 – Woodwind Day Purdue University- Fort Wayne

Guest Artist and Speaker

14 March, 2022 – Chicago Symphony Orchestra CSOMusicNow

Night of Song

Harris Theater for Music and Dance at Millenium Park

30 March 2022 – SEAMUS Conference Key-Note Concert

Featured Guest Artist

Western Michigan University

5-31 July, 2022 – FluteXpansions Sonic Immersion

October 2022 – CD release

Sunbathing (portrait album of works by Blaise Ubaldini)


2 Oct 2021 – Ear Taxi Festival Main Stage

Shanna Pranaitis and Jay Alan Yim

1:15 PM  2:00 PM

Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry (map)

World Premiere of new installation performance work by Jay Alan Yim: The Rope Dancer Accompanies Herself With Her Shadows

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