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Client Stories

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"I can’t begin to express my gratitude for Shanna’s coaching.

Because of our sessions I have not only learned about the importance of boundaries - but have realized how powerful the energy is that I gain by trusting in myself.

With this trust I have found my true purpose in my life - For the Love of Flute.

Thank you Shanna- and for anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of yourself, and to gain trust and clarity on your path - I can’t recommend Shanna’s coaching enough"
– Katy Wherry

Client Case Studies 

a deeper look at coaching with Shanna


There’s so much information about what coaching “is” from the perspective of coaches, and glimpses of what coaching “was” from client testimonials. There are not as many stories about what coaching is from the perspective of the client - the people who know best about what coaching really “is”…

Case Study 1: Alison Hoffman,
flutist & educator

Major takeaways and wins: 

Re-structured studio and raised income by 140% which empowered her to be more creative in business and protect her boundaries to create the life she wants.

Read her story in her words

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Amanda's Story...

"Shanna was the first person I had talked to who didn't seem to think there was something wrong with me. I could feel that she really saw me and was giving me an authentic reflection without bypassing anything at all.


The first session we had was more helpful to me than sessions I've done spread out through a lot of other places. I could feel Shanna's nervous system was able to meet mine, and I never felt like my story (which I had only shared fragments of previously) was too much. 


I wasn't expecting such skillfulness and compassion. I thought I would have to be guarded and careful with what I said, and sort of covertly manage the session to not be too difficult. But I didn't have to do any of that. And when I felt resistance to things, it was simply ok.


I felt believed in and supported to believe in myself around my dreams to become a practitioner. That was such a tender need and I didn't think it was possible. And now, it doesn't seem impossibly out of reach, and I don't even feel like an imposter anymore.  


My identity and how I think about myself changed: Now I can see and feel that I am already doing it, and instead of getting caught up in everything that could be going better, I enjoy the process of continuing to grow.


I have actually been able to make more progress on the writing I kept deleting! Relationships in my life are feeling better. I feel like a flower that is starting to bloom – A butterfly just coming out :)


I would recommend Shanna to anyone needing attunement and in turmoil, and those who have trouble believing in themselves but want to."

– Amanda

Albane Tamagna
flutist & performer

"I feel like I crossed the imaginary line to professional. The way I consider myself is very different now. Before I worked with Shanna, I had the feeling I was preventing myself from moving forward, from evolving. I knew I could do more but I didn't know how. Now I really believe in my creative capacity. I feel more powerful and confident! Caring and enthusiastic – Shanna helped me to go deep inside myself without difficulties and without judgment to get out my vision of art and my way of being an artist."


skl - quite pleased.png

Shannon Lewis
flutist, composer, visual artist, educator

I really appreciate how much you’ve helped me grow with our coaching sessions about reformatting my studio. Now after every lesson where I try something new out with a student, I leave with a new workshop idea, paired with the delight that I know that I can do anything with it because it’s my business! Teaching aside, I’ve also felt a renewed sense of creativity in what I can do as an artist!

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