• Shanna Pranaitis

Cherry Tomatoes & Lace

Happy April Fools’ Day! I'm curious, what’s the silliest thing you've ever done for April Fools’?

I’ve got a good one for you from when my little brother and I were about 9 and 7 and it was epic.

We thought it would be hilarious to trick my mom by dressing him up in my clothes and “shock” her with my new very short hair (mind you, he’s very blond and I’ve got dark hair, so this was doomed to fail).

He wore my pink dress, lace-trimmed socks and white dress shoes, a headband, and sunglasses (so no one would see his blue eyes, of course)...and like a good sport, my mom played along with it!

But it meant my brother had to pretend to be me in every way.

So when Mom offered “me” his favorite snack (cherry tomatoes) which I absolutely hated, he ripped off the sunglasses and declared “Surprise, I’m not Shanna! April Fools’!” and grabbed the tomatoes. The memory still makes me giggle. :)

This got me thinking about what it means to develop an artistic voice and how important it is to be who you really are. My brother had it right at age 7 when he refused to be limited in snack consumption by pretending to be someone else.

When it comes to flute and music, it can be fun and informative to try on others’ artistic voices or styles to see how they fit, but it’s like wearing a costume...and why be limited by what someone else does or likes when you could be 100% you?

Ultimately your artistic voice means: you do you. It is the intuitive way you think and interact with the world – your perspective, impacted your life experiences.

The process of finding your artistic voice is often messy and maybe even uncomfortable. But that’s where the magic is – in the messy middle when you are being vulnerable and showing the world who you really are (not who you’d like to be or think you should be).

It is something that unfolds at its own pace, in its own time–you can’t rush it. This is a beautiful thing!

It’s going to be so inspiring! I hope you can join us!

And remember your artistic voice is always going to be wholly and uniquely YOU – celebrate that!

Have a fun day! If you have a good story to share, I'd love to hear about it!


PS. This is a large part of why I created the FluteXpansions Sonic Immersion – to provide space and time to be messy while exploring your own artistic voice and interests. And you don’t have to do it alone! In fact, every artist faculty member has their own totally unique voice and path. And they’re going to share parts of their journey and wisdom with you in a FREE live interview and Q&A series April 12-21 at 12pm CT called Unlimited Possibility. Think of it as a virtual retreat! Reserve a spot here