Welcome To My Flute Studio!

What if lessons were an empowering adventure of growth & exploration?


I believe every moment of our lives brings infinite possibilities for new discovery, growth, and adventure. I teach the way I do because I believe in the unlimited potential inside each of us to achieve beyond our wildest dreams. I’m also addicted to learning and insatiably curious. Whether you or your child are just beginning your journey, seeking to enter the professional world, expand your contemporary flute experience, or revisiting the flute for your enjoyment, I look forward to embarking on this journey with you!

By taking lessons you will...

  • Hone your tone (and breathing, oh my!)

  • Accomplish more with less effort — AKA efficient practice #makeiteasy #freetime 

  • Venture into the fast lane — beep-beep — zooming fingers ahead

  • Explore something new like jazz or improvisation or world flutes

  • Fly fearlessly in the high register (seriously E and F# get in line up there, please!)

  • Unleash your tongue — who’s got the fastest double-tongue? You will!

  • Navigate sight-reading and auditions, like a boss! 


I expect students to practice daily and come to their lessons open and ready to learn, so that we can grow as much as possible each time. My expectations are high, because I wholeheartedly believe in each student. I have found that in holding high standards, students progress rapidly. Even though we work hard, I make sure to keep lessons fun and lighthearted. 




Are you a beginner flutist? Want a special class just for you?

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Flute 101: The Adventure of Fluter Mountain!

COVID-19 Update: Until further notice, all lessons are taking place online using Zoom, google hangouts, or FaceTime. 

All you need is internet and computer, phone or tablet with video camera.


In lessons, I focus on the process and journey of learning, empowering students through a spirit of curiosity, adventure and experimentation. I ask students a lot [...a lot…] of questions aimed at helping them to focus their attention on their own experiences while playing and inviting them to help find solutions.


A typical conversation runs something like this: 

Me: So...what did you notice about the high E in bar 2?

Student: It was kinda shrill...like I stepped on the cat’s tail.

Me: That’s pretty shrill! What did your throat feel like when you played it?

Student: hmmm…..tight, like I was squeezing it.

Me: So, what could you do to not sound like you stepped on the cat’s tail there?

Student: Maybe not squeezing my throat? 

Me: Ok, let’s try it and see what happens!


By guiding students to trust their own perceptions and experiment with solutions to the problems they encounter, students’ confidence and self-awareness grows leading to accelerated learning and achievement. Thus, “mistakes” are just opportunities to investigate how and why something sounds the way it does. When things go really haywire, we pull out the giant “OOPS!” eraser, wipe the air clean, and laugh it off. And yes, we absolutely cover all the important fundamentals of playing the instrument, so that everyone has the tools to play whatever they want to play—but we have a lot of fun doing it!


Students develop their own interests and voices. They help choose guest artists and studio class topics (beatboxing, improvisation, world flutes, etc) and are encouraged to participate in community youth orchestras and flute festivals. We have flute penpals with studios around the world, game nights, and the beloved Flute Olympics! Students perform in fall and winter solo recitals collaborating with a world-class pianist and a student-directed chamber music concert, fondly known as Duet Idol. During lessons, I often make use of my collection of talking Minion figures, flute cats and hearts, various stuffed animal assistants, some crazy dice…and Cheddar The Cat always has something to say (Meowwwww!). The moment you enter my studio, you have gained a dedicated teacher, a non-judgemental ear when you need to talk, and a powerful and loyal advocate in your corner for life. 

SCHOLARSHIPS: I believe all students who wish to learn should have access to high-quality instruction. Partial scholarships for lessons are available to students with financial difficulty. Please fill out the scholarship application or contact me if you have any questions. [SCHOLARSHIP FORM]


In-Person: Current Studio locations for private lessons are: Evanston, Vernon Hills High School, Music Institute Of Chicago (Suzuki and chamber music). Please contact me to set-up a complimentary trial lesson and with any questions you may have.

Online/SkypeOnline lessons offer great flexibility in scheduling and a great possibility to reach beyond teachers in your local area. There is less driving time involved and fewer distractions to the environment. Online lessons happen via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Zoom. Because nothing can substitute for in-person experience with a teacher, it is my policy to see my weekly online students at least 1-2 times per year (when possible). Please contact me with any questions you may have or to set up a trial lesson.

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