Rods, Springs, Screws, Oh My!
Featuring the flute techs from ‘A Screw Loose’
Saturday, October 3, 2020
4-5:30pm CST | Zoom

Does this sound familiar?

"Oh no, my flute is making weird noises!" 

"My flute won’t play any notes below F!"

"What do I do?!"

Ever wanted to learn more about how to fix basic issues on your flute? 


Join us for a flute nerd discussion and Q&A!


It’ll be a hands-on workshop so you know how to keep your flute in tip-top shape and fix the most common basic issues yourself without having to run to your teacher or take your flute to the repair shop. 


A Screw Loose is comprised of four renowned flute techs: Kim Jurens of KJ Woodwind Repairs; Adam Pettry of Pettry Piccolos; Rachael Simon, The Flute Mechanic; and Sarah Stockton of Boundless Flute. 


Keep in mind that there will be a long discussion at the beginning of the workshop about how to carefully complete these repairs and that trying to take apart your whole flute and put it back together is NOT advised.

For info on days, times, and pricing, please contact me at the button below.


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