What would it feel like to unlock your full potential & creativity to create unbounded confidence and joy in your life and career?


Taking the big risks needed to make upgrades in your mindset and life with the complete confidence that comes from owning your power and voice

Completing the dream project that has been sitting on your heart (possibly for years) with the deep knowing that you are speaking your truth in it

This is all Possible!

Hi, I'm Shanna, and I'm a performance and career coach for musicians and artists who want to release their full potential and create more joy in their lives and careers...and more financial stability, too. 

But I'm also an active international performing artist – a radically traditional flutist who works at the growth edge of creating the music of our time. 

If you've found your way to this page, chances are you're feeling a bit stuck, burnt-out, and/or a bit untethered in your life or career. I get it. I've been there! 

Good news – There is another way, and I'm here to help you!

A couple years ago, I reached the dreaded moment of complete burnout. I was saying yes to too many things that did not align with my artistic goals and vision because I thought I should. I was doing all the things they tell you should do to be a "successful" musician, and by many standards I was wildly successful in my niche of weird art music (aka contemporary music). 

And yet I'd hit the wall of "thou shalt go no further" and I took a much needed sabbatical to think and reassess what I wanted from my career and life...


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